We've all been there before. You date a girl for several months, you have paid for numerous dates, impressed her with fine gifts, you felt a good connection, and if you we're lucky enough... you got laid.

Then the day comes, you have been dumped. You drink too much beer, you don't do enough chores, you work too much, you spend too much time with your friends, she just wants to be friends, or even worse, she has found a new "friend". The list goes on and on.

You feel cheated. You know that you spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars to keep her happy and content. Assuming you got laid at least once...hopefully more...you are still heartbroken and upset...especially due to the fact that you spend hundreds/thousands of dollars just for some love.

We're here to help you feel just a little bit better about your situation. Complete the form below to see how much she really cost.

How Much Did She Cost?

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